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2019 Domaine Mucyn Crozes-Hermitage Rouge Cuvée Les Entrecoeurs

Upprunalegt verð 3.400 kr.
Upprunalegt verð 3.400 kr. - Upprunalegt verð 3.400 kr.
Upprunalegt verð 3.400 kr.
Núverandi verð 2.900 kr.
2.900 kr. - 2.900 kr.
Núverandi verð 2.900 kr.

The name of this pure Syrah wine has been taken from an operation carried out in the vineyards. Pruning the “entrecoeurs” (lateral shoots) entails going through the vineyards at the start of summer to remove the superfluous branches. The sap is therefore concentrated in the other branches, those that will bear the fruit.
“Entrecoeurs, literally “between hearts”, between “two hearts” in our case... This technical yet very poetic term also reminds us of Hélène & Jean-Pierre’s shared labour of love. The heart of the collection, this wine has received plaudits from top international sommeliers.

The wine’s single varietal, the Syrah, comes from vines which are already old (40 years) and grown on outwash alluvial soils with siliceous pebbles, located on the 45th parallel. The vines are planted at a density of 5,000 vines/ha, giving a yield of 45 hl / ha. Harvesting is carried out by hand, as it should.

The harvested grapes are destemmed but not crushed, and undergo a phase of cold pre-fermentation maceration. Alcoholic fermentation then kicks off and lasts for three weeks. Maceration is assisted with daily cap-punching operations. Jean-Pierre Mucyn prefers a moderate extraction resulting in lush, fruity wines with soft tannins.

Vörutegund Rauðvín
Árgangur 2019
Stærð 75 cl
Land Frakkland Hérað Rhone
Ekra Les Pierres Seches Þrúga Syrah
Þorp Crozes-Hermitage

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